Empire Pale Ale

Empire Pale Ale

A.B.V. 7.5%

Inspired by the great India Pale Ales of Burton's past, this is our award winning homage to this fabulous style of beer.

A hoppy high strength Pale Ale really put Burton on the map. Britain's expanding empire required it's usual comforts whilst away from home. Most beers went sour on the long sea journeys, so IPA's were developed with high hop and alcohol content to ward of infection.

Hops used are Challenger with Styrian used as a late copper hop.

Award winner

* Guardian 'Bottled Beer Of The Year' 1997 and runner up in 1998.
* Nottingham CAMRA Bottled Beer Champion 2007.
* West Midlands CAMRA Bottled Beer of the Year 2013.