Draught Burton Ale Clip
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Draught Burton Ale (DBA)
A.B.V. 4.8%

Following the announcement by Carlsberg that they were to stop brewing 'DBA', interested parties started a campaign on social media to find a brewer to produce this iconic ale.

Both Burton Bridge Brewery directors, Geoff Mumford & Bruce Wilkinson were involved with the original beer at Ind Coope and felt it important that the beer returned to it's Burton home.

Following a trial brew, the new beer made it's debut at the Burton CAMRA Beer Festival in March 2015.

It has become a firm favourite, with many saying how much like the original beer it is

It would be impossible to brew an exact replica, but we are sure it is as close as possible.

Hops used are known only to a few and will not be revealed here.